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I'm a PC user working on the path of switching. In the PC world it's easy to find new utilities, programs, etc., but in the Mac world I'm a lost. One of my considerations before switching is to duplicate the host of software I have for my PC as closly as possible.

So... is there a good place to find Mac Software? is ok but there must be more.




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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member you mean for pirated software? Naughty, naughty! What do you mean?
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member is probably what you're looking for.
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    foadfoad Posts: 717member
    If you are being legal, check out

    There are a lot of reviews and applications for various things on there.

    If you are being a bad guy, then this is the wrong place for it.
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    rmonizrmoniz Posts: 5member
    Not being a bad guy. PC software is everywhere and there are hundreds of sites where you can find new programs, games, etc. Not Warez, just software, usually by independent developers.


    P.S. Thanks for your help.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    my site of choice is though sometimes if i need to find a file and am lazy i'll use acquisition to find it, it can find tons of different, utilities, puzzles etc...
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    Originally posted by foad

    If you are being legal...

    We're all legal on these boards, right? Good.

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