I suggest, Expose DH ...

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With everything from the PB12 and up supporting dual displays, may I suggest and Expose Dual Head mode.

Expose is sheer ergonomic brilliance, what would be tres cool, would be for the window reveal to be able to play with Dual display set-ups in the following way, to allow you to specify one display as "main" and automatically banish the other windows to the second display and hold them in their miniaturized state kind of like palettes, while automatically maximizing the highlighted window to the display specified as "main"

From the looks of it, they're pretty much there already, in terms of programming, just need to apply it a little differently for Dual Head applications.

Good, Bad, dumb, Obvious? iDunno, whaddaya'll think?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Essentially making the second screen into a Window Dock?
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    Exposé is OS X

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    yomofoyomofo Posts: 35member
    I don't think Exposé DH would be very functional.

    Exposé uses the scale effect and quartz extreme, so shrinking all windows is under a second (even if you don't have quartz extreme, the scale effect is still very fast).

    Moving your mouse all the way across your 1680 pixel wide or wider screen just to pick up the next window will NOT be less than one second, and will NOT be faster than having everything shrink immediately beneath your mouse. Performance would not increase with Exposé DH either because the Exposé shrunken windows still have to update themselves and are still buffered at their full size in the window manager.

    what you describe is similar to the "one window interface" that used to be in OS X. Remember, everything minimized to the dock except for the current window, and then when you maximized a window out of the dock the current window minimized. Apple took it out because it was confusing and not very functional. I don't think people look at just one window anymore (certainly not pro users)...

    Exposé makes mousing all over the screen(s) and rearranging windows to see what's behind them completely unnecessary, and the effect is totally seamless. There's no need to have a one window interface anymore.

    What you suggest could probably be done as a haxie... but would YOU actually use it? I wouldn't.
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    I thought you could assign Expose to any of the function keys.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Mebbe in the end it's just better to have Expose work as Steve demo'ed it whether across one or two displays. Though I still think it could be useful to have it snap windows to a main display, or the mouse pointer, or both. The other windows could release back to their expanded state, across either display, when you don't use the tiled view, just that when you go into it, it spreads the tiles to one display and the open window to the other.

    Think of it not as a dock on the secondary display, rather as a sort of live preview on the main. With one display, as they demoed it, you can't see the main window fully expanded as you scroll the tiles; my way, you could.

    As for mouse pointing, you have a point, like I said, iDunno how useful it would ultimately be, just thinking about, I think I could make use of it. One thing to try on te mouse pointer would be a "snap to" that brings the mouse to the first tile automatically when you activate Expose and snaps it back to the main window when you release it?

    It does sound more like Haxie stuff, and not a big programming deal either way.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    I like the idea.
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