Single 1.25Ghz PowerMac for £999

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Is this a good deal?

I'm not a "power user" - I don't use Photoshop or make my own dvd's or anything, not really bothered with 3d games. I've got a DVI enabled tft monitor I can use already and a extra Gig of memory from my pc I could put in it.

I enjoy using my eMac but it's a bit heavy on the eyes at times - It's an 800mhz one (with 100mhz FSB I think)

Would this new PowerMac be noticeably a bit speedier for me in general use?

I know the G5 is on it's way but for what I'd use it for I think I'd be paying out for the sake of it.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Sounds like this is a respectable mark in the UK.

    How much is the Dual over there?

    Anyway, see what you can get for the eMac, then strip the RAM and any extras from the PC, and you should come out with a decent little mac for your trouble. You already have the RAM (DDR 333?) and the display, and can throw in any extra drives. Can you get 500GBP for the eMac? If so, it looks like a nice upgrade.
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    Dual is £240 more but delayed for "3-5 weeks"

    The Ram I have is indeed 333, plus I have a 48x cd burner that could be used too.

    My brother would probably take the eMac off me.
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