Massive Attack Live!

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Just saw them at Roskilde. Quite a show I must say. Only negative comment is the sound. It was too low.

Anyone else seen them on this tour? I would like to hear your comment especially the bagground "light" show. Technical really really great (everything shift completly in synch with the music. Something that normally either doesn´t work or makes the nerve in the music dissapear) and the message is delivered the "right" way.

Oh yeah. Saw Björk one hour ago. Shes a funny person. But gifted IMHO...


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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    I saw them here in Perth, Western Australia.. what a freakin awesome show... loved the background thing with all the real time stats and info form your local place... excellent Massive Attack roxors, hopefully the boys continue to get a long a bit better now ...

    I would love to make it to a Roskilde one day, do a big festival thing over a couple of dif countries, oh and tour europe by motorbike while listening to itoons and uploading photos to a 12" G5 pbook, hehehehe
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    jonathanjonathan Posts: 312member
    too bad 100th window sucks.
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