IBM Power 5 systems announced

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These would be interesting, were the OSX port to the Power 5 released. The announced IBM systems also may give some hints about potential Apple high end systems. <a href=""; target="_blank">Register article</a>

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    I am suprised they are shooting for early 2004 for I was originally thinking late 2004....I guess that would put the sequal to the 970 which would be based of the Power 5 due in 2005 and then the Power 6 is due in 2006...Cell I think is due in late 2004...
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    Eye Karamba!

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    But wont we have gone to intel by 2006??

    ......or so the germans would have us believe <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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