Anybody Ride The Dragster @ Cedar Point?

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It's their new roller coaster, with 0-120 mph in 4 seconds, 420 feet tall, 90 degree (vertical) up/down, and g-forces gallore (see video).

It's also a 5 hour+ wait for a 17 second ride.

CBS Early Show Report/Video


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    wolfeye155wolfeye155 Posts: 425member
    It was closed when I was there a week ago. I guess it keeps failing the tests they use to make sure it's safe. I dunno if I will go on it when they re-open least not right away. Besides Millennium Force might not be quite as tall but it's probably a lot better. I mean 17 seconds! That's quite short.
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    airslufairsluf Posts: 1,861member
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    Originally posted by AirSluf

    Kinda slow isn't it? I'm partial to the 0-175 mph in 1.5 sec rides.

    Which Six Flags has the F18-on-an-aircraft-carrier-catapult ride?
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    nericksonnerickson Posts: 20member
    It was closed when I was there two weeks ago.

    New tip... go to Cedar Point when it rains. It rained on and off for two days while I was there. Everybody went home! No lines!

    I rode the Magnum 6 times, longest wait about 5 minutes (wanted the front car)

    Raptor? 3 times. Last time we walked all the way to the ride and had to wait for one group ahead of us.

    The Millenium had a bit longer lines. The first time we waited 30 minutes, the other two times less than ten.

    We got our monies worth on that trip for sure.

    OH! Also try the newer ride Wicked Twister. That is fun.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Garden: the ride in Chicago that used to use the aircraft carrier catapult was called the Tidal Wave (probably called something else at other parks). Shot you from 0 to about 90 mph in 3 seconds or therebouts, then you would go straightup, hang, fall backwards through the terminal and up another slope, back down, etc.

    That ride was axed about 10 years ago. It was replaced (I believe) by what became my favorite ride, the ShockWave. It was a normal diving, looping, corkscrewing coaster but it was fun and the lines were usually short because it was on the opposite end of the park from the other big rides. IT was replaced this past winter by the new Superman ride, which is getting lousy reviews but is one of those goofy rides where the cars themselves pivot around on an axis while going through all the loops and stuff.

    It's the reason for the horrible ticket prices I mentioned in the other thread.

    Last year they put in a new Catapult-type ride in another part of the park called Vertical Velocity. It accelerates from 0-100+ (guessing) in about 3 seconds but it uses tremendously powerful coils of magnets to do it, not a steam catapult. And at the top of its vertical climb, it cork-screws you which is kinda fun, especially if you're in the first two cars. Feels like you're going to fly off the tracks.

    On the other hang, it completely stops and throws you against your harness, giving just about everyone reason to crap their pants. I actually worry a bit about that because if one of those harnesses ever fails or they let a really skinny kid in there, someone is going to plummet I fear. Hopefully they are more vigilant about monitoring their coaster parts than they are their other facilities.
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