Will Panther's MAIL Finally Beat Microsoft's ENTOURAGE?



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    But can we compare an unfinsihed copy of Mail to Entourage. Mail with X.3 may not be out till 31.12.03 and Microsoft might actually ship a new version of office beofre then adding new features and retooling old ones.

    just a thought,

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    evoevo Posts: 198member
    Does anyone know if Panther's Mail supports composing emails in HTML format (in addition to TXT and RTF)? I don't think there's many email programs out there that support reading of RTF emails, so if you make a message with a bunch of colors and fancy fonts, it most likely won't look right on their systems (unless of course they're using Mail). It will probably just look like plain text. It would just be nice if we could write emails in HTML format, which seems to be a widely used standard for email clients, as well as web-based email.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    JohnnyMarr's got a great point, even if he does use that Krazy European date format. Mail's certainly still in evolution, but Entourage might also see a major upgrade by the end of the year. Dear oh dear.
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    thebimbothebimbo Posts: 29member
    Good point drewpops:

    >> but Entourage might also see a major upgrade by the end of the year

    Does anybody know when there will be new Office vX releases and what new funtionality. As far as I know there was only the commitment to allow Entourage to talk to Exchange servers but can we expect any new funtionality ... I'm hoping for Entourage to support sync to my P800 thru iSync. Cheers Bill.

    Anyone have any dirt on an Office vX update??
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    masonmcdmasonmcd Posts: 43member
    Mail in Panther does support groups, if they are set up in the address book. So for instance, I have a number of people in my "Work" group in Address Book, and if I type in Work into Mail, all of those addresses are inserted.

    Is this the same as in Entourage? I don't remember.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    That's awesome.
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    There is going to be an Entourage update very very soon - we had a microsoft rep come into our store and give us all this info. Basically the major new feature is Outlook Mail server support (ie as in the classic version could link into MS Outlook servers just as Win Outlook can)

    Don't know of any other major new features though - syncing and the like.
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    Originally posted by kcmac

    AddressBook and Mail are already seamless. Publishing iCal calendars works great for me and now I find myself using the calendar on my computer. It also works great with iSync.

    Entourage supposedly will be Exchange server compatible sometime this summer. Don't know if Mail will get there or not. Currently, I use Safari and use MS Web Outlook Express to get my mail from the server. This beats using Outlook but I can't use my AddressBook this way.

    I am interested in seeing the new Mail in Panther. Threading will be nice and better rendering will also be great. I still prefer Mail to Entourage because of it's simplicity and the fact that I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. If you do, Entourage is loaded with them.

    With mail app I use LDAPv3 to access an Exchange Server to get my addresses. The search feature works great!
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    What else is new in the new Entourage?
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    aussie johnaussie john Posts: 173member

    Originally posted by MasonMcD

    Mail in Panther does support groups

    Mail does that now
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member
    More important:

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    chromoschromos Posts: 191member

    Originally posted by Aquatic

    What else is new in the new Entourage?

    Ya, I'd like to know if they've fixed the HTML/CPU bug(s):

    1) While reading HTML mail, Entourage will chew up close to 100% of my cpu cycles (SuperBook) if I'm doing nothing, BUT will drop down to normal if I click and hold on the scroll bar widget;

    2) Reverse the above cpu-usage behaviors for non-html mail.

    I brought it up to the main MS Entourage guy at MWSF 2002, but MS' update cycle is laughable, so I'm not holding my breath. It's really annoying when you're trying to maximize life while on battery power...
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    Originally posted by MasonMcD

    Mail in Panther does support groups

    by Aussie John

    Mail does that now

    Holy batman that is cool! I have been dragging the group name into mail forever. Never thought about typing it in. Thanks.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member

    but MS' update cycle is laughable

    Yup, especially since they'll have all this free time on their hands, not needing to worry about IE. All they make for Mac is Office, you'd think they could handle 4 whole apps with the "largest force of Mac programmers outside Apple" but no.
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    thebimbothebimbo Posts: 29member
    About Entourage and new features... let's hope MS has fixed the Rules for dates and these do not work properly. Trying to select anything between 2 dates is screwy!
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    Originally posted by Frank777

    As kcmac and KidRed replied, yes the issue comes up when replying to a message and Mail insists on putting the sig at the bottom of the quote.

    In other words, the original RFC's governing email have indeed been completely abandoned in favor of random MS crap.

    Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

    (For those wondering, Outlook uses a bastardized version of the formatting for forwarding an email to reply to an email. Before MS gummed everything up, the idea was that you replied /below/ quoted text and trimmed the quotes appropriately, so that the conversation could be read and followed as a normal dialog rather than a reversed thread.)
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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,839member
    We're gonna have to disagree on this one Amorph.

    I've heard that the "standard" is to have replies at the bottom, so back and forth messages are shown in a continuous thread.

    I dislike that way. I can get eighty messages a day. I don't want to play hide and seek with the latest message. If I want to trace the conversation, Entourage was able to show me my replies to a given subject and Panther's Mail will do so as well.

    This is one instance where I think the user needs a choice. Just this afternoon I saw someone struggling to figure out the "right way" to add a contact into his clunky Pocket PC/Phone. The experience made me shudder and thank God for Apple.

    Part of being a Mac user is about having a computer that adjusts to the way I want to work, not the other way around.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Naw, you're both wrong.

    Reply in place, and skip the signature.

    Msg 1:




















    Threading helps you not at *all* with that, but editing in place makes it clear.

    So, Frank, gonna suggest how it auto-conform to how *I* reply to mail?
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    I guess that ANY app drags ass as your database gets bigger... for instance, iPhoto is a huge CPU hog....likewise Entourage. As Entourage's mailbox fills up, the performance really degrades (600Mhz iBook). I don't know how Mail performs in this area, but I certainly wish there were some speedier way to access the data without this diminishing performance.
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    I am hoping for Entourage to actually take advantage of some of the srvices offered by OS X .X i.e. Addressbook data base. I think it would be a real boost in that such a major app using core service.
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