how to make a copy from a cd (using OSX tools)?

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i guess the topic says it all ...

i just want to make a copy of a music cd (yes, i own it and the copy is for use in my car!). but i would like to avoid importing it into iTunes because i will lose the correct tracklisting info - some tracks on this cd don't have pauses between them. i simply want to make a *identical* copy.

i tried using disk copy to ceate an image but that ended up being a larger file than the cd ...

any suggestions


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    bryan.furybryan.fury Posts: 164member
    i guess, i should have put this question in the OSX forum?

    maybe one of the mods would do me the favour ...
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I'm thinking you might want to give XCDRoast a try. Not if you're wary of anything less than lickable, but it does an excellent job. It stores a LOT of information about the copied cd (not just the music), and as such, it should store info about pauses, ... Mind you, it's alpha software, though that, in my experience, only means an occasional reboot.
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    bryan.furybryan.fury Posts: 164member
    thanx der Kopf!

    i guess that means there aren't any tools that come with jaguar that will do the trick - i.e., i will need 3rd party software?
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