Comments on graphical elements in Panther

in macOS edited January 2014
From what I have seen so far on (a) rumor site(s), the new Finder seems to be OK, and may well increase user productivity.

The graphical elements that bother me are the following (starting with the one I despise most) :-

- The gray rectangular background of selected icons in icon view adds too much clutter and unnecessary detail, especially if the icon sizes are small (Fix: use a drop shadow similar to the one for the frontmost window)

- The strong blue background to selected elements in the Finder sidebar is too XP-like

- In general, the bright colors that are used here and there look too much like the unstylish unsaturated colors typical of business graphics. Some of this is the result of the use of colored labels, which of course one is free not to use. (Colored drop shadows may do the trick here too).

Graphics professionals in particular will dislike too much color

On the other hand, removing the icons from the top tool bar allows them to be smaller and larger in number, which is nice and spacesaving, particularly on a large aspect ratio screen.
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