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Hi, I wanted to upgrade from my Sony Cybershot DSC-S75 3.3 megapixel digicam. I want something under 650 US dollars that is somewhat professional, meaning you can add the tripod, external flash, wide angle lenz etc. Size does not matter to me either, nor does memory format. What should i get? Thanks in advance.



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    digitaldavedigitaldave Posts: 445member

    Some thoughts...

    It might be worth looking at the Canon G3, as this has the attributes you're after. It's a 4 MP camera, so not a huge jump from what you have right now. Canon have recently introduced a new version, the 5 MP G5, but that is a bit more than your $650 limit I think. Also, check out the Fuji S602, should be around the right price.

    I suspect that if you could raise your buget to around $800, that will open up some of the new models such as the Nikon 5400 for example, especially if the external flash hotshoe is very important. Tripod fixings are on most cameras now I think - even my old 2MP Canon A20 has one . Also, I think most manufacturers produce add on wide and tele converter lenses to extend the ranges of the built in lens.

    A good idea would be to check out some of the review sites:

    They all have pretty in depth reviews, so have a read .

    Hope this helps.



    EDIT: I'd check the US prices, as I'm in the UK and I don't know what the going rates are over there . Have a look at somewhere like
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    Thanks a lot, I i found a place that sells the canon g5 for $677 us dollars. I think ill raise the budget a little and get it.

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    digitaldavedigitaldave Posts: 445member

    Cool 8), sounds like a pretty good deal to me . I don't think you will be dissapointed .


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    gardnerjgardnerj Posts: 167member
    If you change your mind and go back to a sony model check to see what the battery life is like. I've just had to buy a new battery for my dscp1 after only a year and half of light use.
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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    FWIW I found the Olympus C-5050 on buydig for $555. If you look at the reviews, the C-5050 is easily comparable to the Nikon 5400 and the Canon G5 for example. I think I'm going to buy the C-5050
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    holy cow that is a deal! im not THAT into cameras though so ill ask.. is there any cons to this camera?


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    josephgjosephg Posts: 111member

    Originally posted by Xaqtly

    FWIW I found the Olympus C-5050 on buydig for $555. If you look at the reviews, the C-5050 is easily comparable to the Nikon 5400 and the Canon G5 for example. I think I'm going to buy the C-5050

    I haggled a camera shop dealer down to $500 for the C-4040, the 5050's 4Mpx little brother. I've only been ecstatic with it. The best feature is the bright f1.8 lens--nice shallow depth of field (if you're into that sort of thing) and low-light abilities.

    I highly recommend it (though it's discontinued, so I'd recommend the C-5050 now). I've read some reviews about Olympus lemons and bad customer service, but that hasn't been my experience.

    Be careful with online deals--I tried several online places for the 4040, and found a few. I placed orders, and all cancelled on me after a few days, claiming they were out of stock. Very frustrating.
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    Alright, sounds good
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    I highly recommend Sony's F-717 camera.

    Price is good (decreased by 300 two months ago)

    Great Carl Zeiss lens

    Offers a great deal of flexibility and professionalism.

    Design is much more stylish than, say the Canon powershot G3 (which is rather heavy, bulky and imo ugly)

    Plus, if you already have memory sticks, get a sony. You wouldn't want to buy a camera that uses other forms of media (that you'd have to buy) when you can just use your existing memory sticks.

    check it out on

    it's a great camera.
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    Just received a Nikon 5700 from for $719 (after rebate).

    That's 5MP & 8x optical zoom for very little more than your $650 cap...might be worthwhile to stretch just a little bit further....
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