iSync and T610 problem.

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I can only sync a maximium of 8 weeks of appointments using iSync does this restriction apply to all phones with iSync or just the T610. Is there a way to hack it to force 52week syncs?


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    lungarettalungaretta Posts: 194member
    not sure of an answer to your query but i do know that when i try to sync 8 weeks, the t610 soon runs out of memory and starts rejecting appointments and todo's.

    so my guess is that even if you could sync a years worth, unless you live a very dull existence, the phone itself wouldn't accept them all.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    If you are running out of memory on 8 weeks worth of appointments it just shows how poorley Sony-Erricson has researched this phone. They simply havn't allocated enough memory to either the number of contacts/telephone numbers and a resasonable calender.

    I think it is a poor show as this really isn't a Palm replacement and that is what I was hoping for. The only reason I carry my Palm is for appointments and contacts. Both of these tasks should easily be within reach of this phone, buit they have allocated all the available memory to the Camera!
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    I have a T68i with the same limitation, but I can't imagine why you would need to sync appointments beyond 8-weeks on the phone -- unless you were quizzed about friends and family birthdays or something.

    However, while using the phone away from your Mac, you can input calendar items beyond the 8-week window which will be uploaded to your Mac during the next sync.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Well quite simply, if someone wants to book a meeting 3 months in advance Ihaven't a clue if I am free or not. I am a govenor of a school, I run my own business and am involved in various other organisations and have a busy diary.

    When I am in a meeting and some one says right date of the next meeting is... I need to know if I should agree or not.
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    Ah, I see. I do wish the T610 had more memory?

    Other than this limitation, how do you like the phone?
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    I've had my Clie for months now and I have come nowhere close to the memory limit: how much space does the T610 have for appointments?. It would be cool if they had put a memory stick slot (this is Sony, they wouldn't use anything else) into the T610.

    Anyways, it's only £10 more than the T68i and I quite fancy a Bluetooth phone.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    The answer is that I love this flawed little 'phone. It has been ruined by the silly memory allocation.

    Essentially they have hard allocated 2MB of memory to photo's and lewft just about nothing else, the memory isn't allocated on demand. This means that there are a maximium 510 telephone numbers, so if you contacts have tel, home tel, fax and mobile then you are going to be limited to 128 contacts which is stupid. On top of that it seems that the calender app has very limited memory although I am not aware how much, Apple has limited the iSync to 8 weeks ahead.

    As a busines phone it doesn't cut mustard, it is too limiting on appointments and contacts and the 'phones reception is quite week.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    I am running into the same limited memory problem synchronizing my Motorola T722i via USB and iSync. Right now, it seems that only Palm OS-based smartphones, e.g. the Handspring Treo, and the Symbian-based P800 have enough memory to function as full-fleged contact and calendar managers. \

    It's just such a shame. How much could it really cost to add 8 or 16MB of memory to these silly phones? I would gladly pay extra for the added memory. Right now, I am not willing to carry a smartphone with more memory, simply because I want a small device that I can carry during leisure activities.

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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Yes Samsung and Kryoca have some nice Palm phones on the market and up and comming but none of them have blue tooth.

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