Printer driver under classic.

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I use a professional software for my work who was developped under 4D.

Unfortunately, they are late in the developpement of the mac OS X version, and they have only the OS 9 one. The lattest macs can only boot under OS X, and therefore this soft only works under classic.

I am planning to change 3 macs for 3 towers G5 : the technician from the soft company said that my printer (an HP 4000 N) do not work under classic, and therefore i am obliged to change it. I love this printer and it cost me several bucks.

My local reseller said that the HP 4000 n works under mac os X, with the right driver : he have asked the Apple's engineer of his team. The apple engineer said that when you are under classic, the soft use the driver of mac OS X.

The soft company guy say the contrary

Who is right and who is wrong ? (personally i think that the drivers under classic, are not the OS 9 ones, but the os X one)

Thans for your help.


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    woosterwooster Posts: 27member
    It will work - I have used a HP 4000 several times in Mac OS X and in Classic under X. NO problems!!!
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