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Ok its very late and whilst tapping away some answers to this forum Rollerball (the original) is playing to half-interested audience (me) in the background. You know the part where the council have a video conference where they decide the fate of 'Jonathan' ... well they press a button and "AFFIRMATIVE" over their video image as they vote. Bingo - wouldn't this be great to have in iChat to spice up our AV interactions much like we use smileys in text iChats, would'nt it. I suggest the following:

y = YES!

n = NO!


? = MAYBE...

F = F***

and so on. Of course Apple would add some Keynote-like effects for these (like user-switching in Panther) to make these appear from left/right/top/zoom or even use the LiveType effects from FCP4...

Anyone have comments or some other ideas to pep up iChatAV?


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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    Moving to Digital Hub.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    broadcasting and REAL conferencing... I want to talk to 5 people all at the same time as if they are in the same room as me... AND I want the conversation to be logged like the chats are... it would be a GREAT productivity tool
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Good call. So it's only 2 way currently? Although wouldn't that soak up lots of bandwith? I'm not sure how this works, maybe the router would handle it, because wouldn't each person have to see every other person's feed? But 3 or 4+ way would just be so damn cool.
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    macserverxmacserverx Posts: 217member
    Apple advertises iChat AV for home video-conferencing. If you are on a SWITCHED or outrageously fast Ethernet network (corporate office) you should be able to conference with several people at a time.

    A T1 line max is 1.544Mbps

    Ethernet (original) is 10Mbps

    Fast Ethernet is 100Mbps

    Gigabit Ethernet 1000Mbps

    AirPort 11Mbps

    Airport Extreme 54Mbps

    Most networks work at 10/100 which is faster that anything you'll get over broadband. Now granted, there are different encoding and error checking properties which reduces pure data transfer on the Ethernet as compared to the Frame Relay T1.
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