Painting a Beige CRT

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Hey everyone, I have an awesome Trinitron 19" CRT that is connected to my MDD. I am sick and tired of having a beautiful blue-glass top desk with black speakers, black phone, silver computer/laptop/printer/base station, and white iPod, and ugly-ass beige CRT. I took all the beige components off today out of boredom, and decided I wanted to paint it a silver or black color. What is the best method to do this so the paint doesn't chip or melt or whatever paint does (catching fire would definitely be bad). It's your typical beige material, so should I spray paint it, brush paint it, does it need a coating of some kind of finish? What do I do? I am going to be getting a 20" Cinema soon, so I might find a way to match that. I'm open to any design or method suggestions. Thanks!


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Take it down to Maaco. You can probably bribe one of the dudes to use car paints/metals on it...we used to do that with guitar bodies...

    Safe enough for engine hoods...
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