Soundapp X?

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Soundapp is like the GraphicConverter of sound. It rocked. I have emailed the author several times over the past few years since the last update and he has not responded. Soundapp is apparently dead. iTunes is great but doesn't approach the kind of format support Soundapp had. Apple should incorporate support for many of the older sound formats into iTunes, perhaps using Soundapp, but also support new formats. For example FLAC is awesome, it shrinks files smaller than even SITX can without losing quality. It would be cool to see Apple add this to iTunes and it's open source anyway. Right now the only modern app that plays FLACs is VLC. Just moving the progress bar beachballed VLC. So iTunes support would be nice. Another really cool thind Soundapp had was a Stop button that stopped after it finished playing the current song. I'm just sad to see Soundapp die.


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    wjmoorewjmoore Posts: 210member
    Yeah SoundApp is a great program, it is the only third-party Classic program I have on my iMac. It certainly doesn't look good for an OS X update, considering the last update to the homepage was Feb 5 2002, which said, "Keep checking back for some important announcements!", hmm they didn't seem to arrive. The closest thing I have found is a command line utility called sox that can convert between a lot of different formats (doesn't play them though obviously).

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