OH! CANADA! (land of sophistication)

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gay marriages, medical marijuana, what's next? drinking fountains with free flowing molson's?

i'll stand on guard for that!


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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    Canada Rocks.
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    it's like folks up there, have a say or something.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    If they start pumping Molson through the public fountains up there, I am relocating immediately.

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Who knew smoking was suddenly progressive and "sophisticated?" Depends on what you smoke I guess!
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    what the reuters story doesn't explain...

    is that the "Diefenbunker Grow Op" produces lame wimpy bud,

    mostly seeds seized in street raids and from the odd biker gang, mainly from the Prairies East,

    (Quebec smokers tend to be into more hash than weed)

    coverage of the story in Canada has also included:

    reports of several mass die-offs of sickly crops because the Government didn't hire experienced hydroponic growers and couldn't figure out how to get a weed to thrive.

    reports that early test samples were so weak in THC content that Police drug labs wouldn't have considered them worthy of prosecution had they been evidence

    reports (some anecdotal from stoners, some from police and customs spokespeople, some international) noting that varieties of "BC Bud" have won "Best Weed" at the Dope Olympics in Amsterdam for three consecutive years, that the US DEA considers BC Bud the #1 "risk", and that medical marijuana advocates seek certain strains of BC Bud above all others for efficacy.

    reports that "Marijuana Grow Ops" in BC and elsewhere, are now surfacing in $1Million Homes (because they can bring in ++$1M/yr) and that gang involvement has grown as the obvious cash potential tempts. These homes are gutted and hotwired for massive rigs of lamps, tanks, and blowers in every conceivable space, foil over the windows (perhaps a token 'normal' corner of the house for camouflage from neighbours). Usually cops get a warrant on suspicion of Theft of Hydro(electricity) after a tip from the power company and they discover a kajillion massive trees heavy with crystalline bud... not a wimpy or sickly one to be seen.

    Evidently, it is possible to successfully produce killer BC weed indoors.

    Some would say our last few Federal Governments suffer from some condition that seems to prevent them from noticing the West, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they don't recognize a home-grown solution so far away from Ottawa, but others see a darker motive in trying to kill the MM issue by intentionally producing wussy test bud that fails to pass chemical muster for whatever medical trials must follow

    (confirmation to many that government can screw up anything)

    So yes, the Government is finally getting into the tax and sale of medical marijuana (to an absurdly small percentage of those who sought help), not surprising given their history with that tobacco plant and those fermented grains, both equally deserving of the reservations of a society concerned about addiction and health.

    Much has been made here in Canada about the fact that our politicians presented the draft legislation on DeCriminalizing Possession of (small quantities of) Marijuana to the United States Government (DEA, White House, Drug Czar, etc) before they shared it with Canadians, including our own Parliament.

    Plenty of tiptoeing around the neighbouring elephant on an issue that would otherwise be done by now.

    What they should have added to the DeCriminalizing Bill was dispensation to grow up to 2 plants. Personal quantities would satisfy 90% of the casual users, most of the medicinal users, require enough attention during the grow to deter most impatient kids and remove much of the street crime and organized crime from the supply side of the equation.

    progress is progress, though.

    as for what new Canadian evolution of policy would complete the trifecta,

    NZ has legal marijuana and just legalized prostitution... and similar scenery...

    Amsterdam ditto (except the scenery)

    free flowing beer in fountains would be bad. seagull bombing is gross enough, thanks.

    my vote:

    flying cars for all canadians. based on the Avro Arrow. runs on beer.
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member

    [i]NZ has legal marijuana and just legalized prostitution... [/B]

    Oh dear, the thought of a bunch of 350 lb maori warriors tanked up on Meta's, marajiuna & jungle juice, driving a car & looking for someone to bang....Does much for the NZ tourist industry.....

    Medical "marijuana" yeah...and all the dope heads think this is a green light to get a cold..Puh-leeze...

    There is enough problems in the world with dickhead drivers getting pissed to the eyeballs before hitting the accelerator...

    I can only see more troubles ahead for the stupid Canadian government..it is a really dumb Jackass bowing to the public move.

    Governments are friggin stupid at the best of times..

    Even if we put aside the argument of whether marijuana causes long term mental health problems, there is absolutely no doubt that is causes ( just like tobacco ) lung cancer..In fact some research claims it is more likely to cause lung cancer than plain tobacco.

    So in 20 or 30 years when these recipients of this medical dope start getting lung cancer..Who do you think they're going too sue ?

    Damm right.. Stoopid is as Stoopid Duz....
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