iBook Hard Disk Upgrade

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Greetings folks,

The 20Gb hard disk in my Combo snow iBook is getting a little overcrowded and I could do with something a little bigger.

Ideally a new internal would be nice (how about that 60Gb in the new iBook - 40Gb or above would do). I'm prepared to buy new or 2nd hand.

Just a few (million) questions;

What do I need to know about the disk spec?

How much will it cost, and where can I get one in the UK?

If I go for that option (my preferred option) could I install it myself?

If this is a bit tricky, is the LaCie Pocket Drive any good? It appeals as it is bus powered, but is rather pricey. Anything else bus powered (I have USB and FireWire) for less money?

Thanks in advance!


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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    a) no

    b) check eshop.macsales.com for reference. Figure out the conversion.

    c) yes, but only if you download the apple service repair manual for your iBook and follow it religiously. Do NOT attempt to replace the HD w/ out a manual.

    d) again check eshop.macsales.com for reference. They have an empty FW drive enclosure for 2.5" HDs, bus powered for under $50 I believe.

    Advice: buy a 60GB drive, and FW enclosure separately (it's cheapest this way). Put 60GB in enclosure, format, transfer files, take apart iBook, put 60GB in, take 20GB out, put in FW, reformat it.

    I intend to do this w/ an 80GB drive when the price comes down a bit from $300USD as my 40GB is a little close right now.
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