Quicktime Pro and digital cameras

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Hello people.

So I upgraded to QT Pro in an effort to edit my mpeg clips that I recorded on my Sony Cybershot. However I cannot seem to edit the clips at all in terms of length and resolution - all of the edit options are greyed out. I have tried saving as .mov but still cannot access any of the cut and paste menu options that look so easy to use on Apple's site. Exporting cannot be done either because it says there is no video track. I have tried selecting parts of it but don't know what else to try.

I cannot believe that I can't do it. But I am not stupid and cannot figure it out at all. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do?


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    daveleedavelee Posts: 245member

    I was being stupid. But it isn't very intuitive to put the adjustments under movie properties.

    <Homer voice>

    Stupid Apple.

    </Homer voice>
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