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Does anyone have trouble with their 15in G4 iMac with regards to gaming? Like Medal of Honor Allied Assult or Diablo II they seem to run so slow and they actually impede gameplay. Is their some kind of patch or update I missed? I am running 10.2.6. Thanks.


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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    How much RAM do you have installed?
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    elricelric Posts: 230member
    Ok this is gonna sound odd but it worked for me. I have the 17" iMac and playing diablo ii was very crappy, anyways i had it open and hit apple-m to make it go into windowed mode so I could check for updates and it started working great. so I set the resolution upto 800 which made the window bigger and it still worked great so now when i play i boot up diablo ii then hit apple-m and play it in a window and i have no speed problems.
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