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I have heard aout the production of 1GHz ZIFs not STZIFs what do you think?


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    the 7450 class of G4 processor doesn't play nice with the Motorola MPC106 chipset in the G3's and Yikes G4.

    Don't count on any high speed G4 ZIF upgrade cards
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    nick, i emailed sonnet about faster Zif's and they said they plan to do it, or at least faster upgrades for blue and whites, i think it was someone else who mentioned the next upgrades wouldnt be Zif based or something like that, but i dont know how that would happen, guess mwsf will show.
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    dgmvwdgmvw Posts: 54member
    I don't know if I would buy one. I would rather spend bucks on a new system with an AGP. If they were relatively cheap I would think about it. My machine seems to work pretty well with my 500 oc to 550.
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    since this is my only mac its on my list to buy, personally id really love a dual processor machine, even if its dual 400's, xlr8 was going to make such a thing and managed to for beige g3s but not the blue and whites, however xlr8's page now has new info on it about daystar selling the stuff, and that <a href="http://www.xlr8.com"; target="_blank">www.xlr8.com</a> will be updated soon
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