Drive 10 or Tech Tool Pro?

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I was considering getting another utility to compliment DiskWarrior, and I saw Drive 10 on the Apple website. I then went to Micromat's website and saw that they also make Tech Tool Pro (with V. 4 coming next month). It looks like both perform similar functions, but they mention that Drive 10 is derived from Tech Tool Pro. If I buy Tech Tool will that give me all the functionality of Drive 10 plus the other stuff? And if anyone has used either your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

(I put this here because I'm looking for purchasing advice, but if the mods deem its place to be in Software then I bow to their wisdom )


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    if you buy apple care it comes with the lite version of TTP and you can upgrade for less then the price of the full version...
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    vandewaalsvandewaals Posts: 450member
    Isn't Apple Care a couple hundred dollars to begin with?
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    well thats just assuming you already have it... considering your hardware
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    (sigh) No...I didn't get it. I've been lucky so far (knocks on desk). I know, I probably should have since I have a PowerBook, but thats water under the bridge.

    So anyway...what should I get? Tech Tool appears to be more expensive...anyone have any anecdotal evidence to share?
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    maxcom29maxcom29 Posts: 44member
    Well, Drive10 is not really derived from Techtool, but is rather a whole new app, which as far as I know is coded for cocoa. Nevertheless, it is for the most part concerned with the physical aspects of. . . well you guessed it. . . the hard disk.

    On the other hand Techtool concerns itself with the physical drive and OS related things, RAM, and file recovery. Thus, it cares for both more hardware and a lot of the software.

    From what I remember Drive10 isn't all that great, or wasn't all that great relating to the earliest versions. A friend of mine bought it, run it once, which took hours, and then ran it again three months later with the same results. The results, well no problems. It does have a nifty optimization, aka defragmentation tool built in (I don't know if you have to restart on a CD to use it though).

    If Techtool had already been released a few months ago and they were at version x.1 I would recommend that, but since it hasn't even shipped yet, it's use is quite risky. You don't want to mess with these apps when their unfriendly.

    Summa Summarum: I'd wait for now, you do already have Diskwarrior. See what the user experiences are with the new OS X Techtool and if they are good jump aboard. Of course the question which may arise is, is it really necessary? For file recovery protection and defragmentation and the sorts yes. For the other stuff, I'd vote no, those extra features will only end up slowing down the system, and cause a few crashes here and there. File recovery even isn't perfect with these apps, a service like DriveSavers could be much more helpful.
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    marcusmarcus Posts: 227member
    I personally don't like the 'Drive' series as I have had some very bad results with it in the past...

    I much prefer Disk Warrior, and also, but not as much, TTP...

    If you have an up to date Disk Warrior, to me, you should be fine in the short term...
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    Why not get both? If you check out Micromat's website, they have a special offer going. The offer is pretty simple. Buy a copy of Drive 10 ($69.95) and get a free copy of TechTool Pro 4 when it is released (in July or August).
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    vandewaalsvandewaals Posts: 450member
    Hmm...that sounds interesting. However, it says on the web site (unless I'm being dense, which is likely) that you get an upgrade CD for Tech Tool...not a full version. Am I reading it right?
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    When they say "upgrade" they simply mean that you will be upgrading from a full version of Drive 10 to a full version of TTP 4.

    The CD you receive will still be a full version of TTP 4 (in other words, a full, bootable CD, with the full version of the app). I have "upgraded" TTP in the past (from version 2 to 3) and they always issue a new serial number for each version, plus a new CD. In fact, they have already sent me my TTP 4 serial number (it arrived even before my copy of Drive 10).
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