moving address book contacts between Macs

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is it possible for one to move the contacts in one's address book without the need for a .mac account? I've tried moving accounts from the address book on my G4 to my iPod and then tried to move them off to my iBook with some third party iPod utility but nothing seems to be able to do the trick so far...


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Do you want to keep them synced or just a one time transfer? If it's just a one time transfer, just open up Address Book and 'Export vCards'. Throw that file onto your ipod, and then on the other computer, 'Import' and select the vCard file.
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    elricelric Posts: 230member
    Ok I have airport cards in my imac and my powerbook (no base station) which is how I connect. I just tried this and it works. Copy the AddressBook directory from your Application Support directory in the Library directory of your home directory to the same location on yor other machine. Now I have the same login and acct names etc on both machines so I don't know if them being different will screw things up. Prolly wouldn't be too hard to make a script to do this but I dunno jack about apple script, guess I should learn some one day
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