cannot get ichat av to work. very frustrated.

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My friend and I both have DSL speedtouch ethernet alcatel modems. We have tried using ichat AV and isight.

Works fien on internal network, but when we try each other it always times out and says the other person does not respond.

We have tried everything. Turning off Mac OSX firewall and router firewall. Plus making changes to ports as mentioned by Apple.

To no avail.

Any more ideas?


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    I'm having the same problem. My friend and I are both running 10.2.6 on G4 machines (dual 1g and PB 500, respectively). We're both using DSL and I'm behind an airport (though I'm hardwired to it). I got a one way video chat to work with him the other day (he had the camera), but I wasn't at home, I was at a friend's house on DSL. I've also used audio chat with other people (though I haven't tried it with him) without trouble, and I've used one way video (me with a camera) both across my home network and with the same guy I've audio chatted with without trouble. Does anyone have any ideas? This is really annoying.

    I have opened the ports on my OS X firewall that Apple suggests opening (but hadn't before using it successfully in the past, go figure).
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    And tonight, without any changes, it decided to work. I don't get it. But I'm not complaining.
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