My Switch has begun... now I need help.

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I have finally begun my switch by purchasing an iBook for my wife as a gift to use for University. I will be getting an updated iMac or G5 PowerMac within 2 months so have many questions.

1. Are there any excellent resources to teach me the in's and out's of OSX that you would recommend to a first time OSX user (Wifey and I)?

2. I went to software update and updated everything including getting Safari 1.0. The problem being I have no idea how to access this browser, nor even an idea of how to transplant IE with it.

3. Airport question: Do i have to have the Airport Base Station directlly connected to one Mac to be able to use it, or can I have it stand alone somewhere else in the house to be able to access it from 2 units? What I wanted to do was to have my phone connection hooked up to it if possible but handle the dialup from our selective Mac's, errr... actually typing this I'm thinking that won't be possible as the modem is in the iBook/PowerMac...

4. During initial setup it offered different images to represent my wifes laptop within which she loved the image of purple lips, is there any way that I can use this image as her background and if so where can I access it from?

Cheers guys and gals

Zoran S


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    malokatamalokata Posts: 197member
    1. The Missing Manual (for Mac OS X), O'Reilly press.

    2. Is it on your desktop? Or just type "Safari" in that handy ubiquitous search box on every finder window, and you'll find it. It may be a strangely-named .sit file on your desktop, though - look for that.

    3. Check the Apple website, including the discussion boards, specifics are laid out there.

    4. You got me. Purple lips? Probably an icon file - but you could just grab the screen (press shift-apple-4, then the space bar to capture a specific window) and copy it off of that. Or something. Purple lips?

    Good luck.


    Oh, and Welcome to Macintosh.
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    If you are getting a Airport Extreme base station make sure you get the one that has the 56k modem in it, since there are two models. You can use dial up and access from both computers; all you have to do is connect the phone line to the base station then run the AirPort Setup Assistant located in /Application/Utilities and it will walk you through the process of getting the base station to dial the connection.

    The image of the lips is located in Library/User Pictures/Fun and is called Smack.tif its a small little thing, not sure how it would scale for a desktop background.
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    crazychestercrazychester Posts: 1,339member
    4. During initial setup it offered different images to represent my wifes laptop within which she loved the image of purple lips, is there any way that I can use this image as her background and if so where can I access it from?

    Cheers guys and gals

    Zoran S [/B][/QUOTE]

    Greetings fellow Canberran!

    I think the purple lips you mean (I would have called them pink but anyway) are a user picture. It's called smack.tif. You'll find it in HD/Library/User pictures/Fun or just search "smack" in the "handy ubiquitous search box". From there you can copy it into the Pictures Folder of your Home folder and then select it as the desktop picture (System Prefs/Desktop). But you'll get hundreds of tiny purple lips. Don't know if there's a way to get one big set of purple lips.


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    2. You're new to the Mac OS, eh? Well, here's a quick rundown of where things are kept. In your hard drive, there are a bunch of folders, but really, there are only two important ones. Applications and Users. The other stuff there... well, don't even mess with it... it's all system or OS 9 Classic oriented.

    The Applications folder is where all programs that are pre-installed or installed from Software Update usually go. That's where you will find iMovie, iTunes, and Mail, just to name a few.

    The Users folder is where all your Home folder lives. Your Home folder is where you put all your stuff. It is your place on the system, and everything that you do should be put there. The Library folder in the Home folder is where all the programs keep your preferences and the like. The sites folder is used if you have web sharing on, and then other people can connect to your computer through a web browser and access the html documents in that folder.

    The Public folder is so other computers on your local network (like, say, between your wife's iBook and the Powermac) can access the files there. To do this, use the 'Go' menu in the finder, and choose 'Connect to Server...' If the other computer is set up correctly (File Sharing is turned on), the computer name should appear. You can sign on as guest, and download anything in the public folder. You can also upload documents through the drop box. The desktop folder is just another way to look at the stuff that's on your desktop. I think the other folders should be self explanatory

    You can turn on both of these options (only if you will use them) in the 'Sharing' pane in the System Preferences.

    Safari would probably be in the Applications folder since you installed it with Software Update. To replace Internet Explorer with Safari, simply drag IE's icon off the dock, and drag Safari's back onto it. (Don't worry about the poof the Internet Explorer makes when you drag it off the dock; the application is still there, but it's just not on the dock anymore. You can still get to it in the Applications folder.) Then go into the System Preferences, and go to the Internet Pane, and click on the 'Web' tab. Change the Drop down menu from Internet Explorer to Safari.

    Hopefully you found this helpful
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