Bluetooth/iSync won't talk to my Nokia 3650

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Hi! I just got a Nokia 3650. I have a 12" PowerBook G4.

I have iSync v.1.1 (v95).

I seem to have everything hooked up properly. I used the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. I can get my phone to appear on iSync's toolbar. It knows the name I assigned the phone, so it must have some connection with it.

When I hit 'Sync Now' I get a pop-up window on my Nokia 3650 that says "Accept connection request from (my computer)?" and I click Yes on my phone.

And iSync spools and finally comes up with this error:

Sunday, July 13, 2003 3:16AM

|Traci's Phone| Could not establish connection to Traci's Phone

Can't synchronize contacts to Traci's Phone: device is not available

I have tried this at least 5 times. Always the same result.

I did that thing where each device has to pick a number and the number has to be the same. I'm fairly certain I did that correctly. I guess it's possible I typo-ed. But it hasn't asked me to that again.

Please help me! Don't make me try to get help from my cell company's 1-800 number! That's like getting blood from a stone.

Thank you!!



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    HI. I have a 3650 also and I have a 12" powerbook. I did the # thing once and it never asked again. In the menu on the phone scroll down to the connectivity folder and open it and choose bluetooth. I have mine where bluetooth is on, visibility is show to all and my bluetooth name is Nokia3650 (the default) now if you click the directional button to the right you should see your powerbook listed once, if you entered your numbers more than once there could be more than one listing and that could confuse it maybe. Now on your powerbook open isync and click on the icon of your phone. It should display a few check boxes like Turn on <phone_name> synchronization (which I have checked) and Contacts (which I also have checked) and below that a drop down box of who to synchronize (you can make a group of people to sync to your phone) and then a checkbox for synchronize contacts with phone numbers(which i have checked) the rest of it is grayed out for me. My phone syncs up fine with these settings (I just checked to make sure and it worked) The only thing I dislike about iSyn is that it won't let my wife sync with .mac because her email isnt the primary one on the account. It sucks that Apple expects you to have an account for each member of the family that wants to use iSync, sorta defeats the usefullness of additional email addresses. Well actually what sucks is my wife complaining about it every time she synchs up her phone...
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    Hey! Thanks so much for the help.

    I am doing every step just as you described. (It's what I've been doing all along) I still get the same message:

    Sunday, July 13, 2003 12:15PM

    |Traci's Phone| Could not establish connection to Traci's Phone

    Can't synchronize contacts to Traci's Phone: device is not available

    The only thing is the first area you mentioned "like Turn on <phone_name> synchronization (which I have checked)"...

    I checked that the first time I tried to sync. Now that selection is gray, so I can't check or uncheck it. But it is checked... I have the pulldown menu just above it set to "Merge data on computer and device"

    Maybe I should just choose "Erase data on device then sync."

    That just has me nervous that it will erase the ringtones I downloaded, and the pictures I've already taken. I could deal with it erasing just the phone directory though. I've only added 2 people in there thus far.

    I guess I'll try that "Erase data in device then sync" option, and if it still doesn't work, I'll bring my phone and computer to my local Apple Store and see what they can do for me.

    Calling my cell carrier isn't going to get me anywhere, I don't think. They'll want me to use the software that came with the phone, which is PC software. I can just see myself waiting on hold forever only to hear "Mac? Oh I dunno. Can't help you there."

    Thanks again!

    PS That sucks about .mac... I don't have that problem because I don't have a .mac account. All I want is to sync my address book, and to be able to upload pictures in the future.
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    Might wanna try removing the device from iSync then adding it again. Perhaps something went haywire the first time. Could do the same thing on the phone, or even remove the computer from the phone and the phone from the computer and start completely over.
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    Sigh. Tried that, too.

    I even took both laptop and phone outside and sat in my car and tried it. Still no dice. I was trying to get away from my husband's AirPort-like system for his Windows laptop. That SHOULDN'T be interfering, but stranger things have happened. We know that the neighbors have one, too... so maybe there is too much interference.

    I don't have time to deal with it tomorrow, but I'll make some calls on Tuesday and maybe bring it into The Apple Store. Though you have to buy the warranty program to talk to them, huh? I'm cute and blond, and maybe they'll make an exception on a slow Tuesday morning.

    If all that fails... not sure what I'll do. I'll be danged if I'm gonna type in all my contacts on the phone's numeric keypad. That's just for the birds. \

    Thanks again for the help!
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    elricelric Posts: 230member

    Originally posted by SuperGrover

    ... bring it into The Apple Store. Though you have to buy the warranty program to talk to them, huh? I'm cute and blond, and maybe they'll make an exception on a slow Tuesday morning.

    Just wear a low cut blouse and lean over alot and you might walk out of there with a new laptop or 2
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    Hey, I didn't know the Genius Bar at the Apple Store was free! I thought you had to have the service plan!

    Well anyway, I went. And the guy did everything I had done and it wouldn't work for him either. So at least he confirmed that I'm not dumb. Then I had the idea of trying to Sync my phone with one of the floor models. And what do you know, it worked! So I had a phone directory full of ficticious people that kids had put into the Address Book.

    So my Genius at the Bar thought my computer should be shipped off to Texas to have the Bluetooth Module Card replaced. I've never shipped a computer off to be repaired before, but I've heard bad stories, so I'm a little nervous. I hope it comes back soon. And that I haven't lost everything in my iTunes. Everything else is replaceable.

    In the meantime, I'm back to my old Wall Street PowerBook. I'm surprised this old baby still works. I put it to Sleep when I got my G4, and she's been sleeping for almost 90 days now!

    This is trippy, being back on Classic with a slow processor and Netscape 4.
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    To anyone in the future who looks at this thread because they are having the same problem:



    It took me 2 weeks of lost time having my computer away from me, and at least 5 Apple Tech guys before we arrived at this solution. So I'm not dumb!!!

    Here's a thread with more detail about my ordeal:

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