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Hi guys,

I've got a strange problem: I can chat with my friend in the us for about 15 minutes, but then one of us loses the connection and all internet access no longer exists. I tried this at two houses and both times made the entire connection go down.

so iChat seems to destroy the connection to the innernet.

We both have dsl connections.

Anyone have similar probs?

(please don't move this to genius bar)


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    whats wrong with the GB? youd be surprised how people can help you in there....

    first of all--its a beta you have to realize that... did you send Apple feedback about it? Make sure you give them as much information as possible... (OS, Firewall, Router, and most importantly "hacks" like ichat calling itunes or other similar apps) be sure to include URLs when possible...

    second of all, give us that data also so we can help you
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    I've got an iBook 500 dvd and my friend has a powerbook 12.

    We're both running 10.2.6

    I'm on a 3com router/dsl modem and she's got a wireless 80211b router and she's going wireless. It's not an airport though.

    None of us have firewalls. We both have .Mac and Aim and both give the same problem.

    Now what could be happening? How does a program actually cause the whole internet connection to drop?

    Oh, and if I invite her to the chat, and we speak for a while, my connexion drops. If she invites me, her connexion drops.

    We'll, if you thing this should be in the genius bar, feel free to.

    Many thanks.
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