Final Cut Express clobbers iMovie

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Problem: purchased low-end Macintosh system. Found I can edit video skip free. Editing in iMove a pain. Go to my local Fry's store buy Final Cut Express. Import my clips from iMovie. Turned 22 minutes of video into 10 minutes of video that's more organized and easy to watch. A happy camper! Then tried to import old analog video. Shows up fine in preview window but when capturing a window pops up and says waiting for time code!

Go to my old standby iMovie. Now iMovie cannot see my camera. Log out, log back in. Still can't see the camera.Restarted the computer still can't see the camera!

Now I would expect this problem on a PC where one program steals and interrupt of another program so the first program can no longer see the device. But I didn't expect that on the Mac!

Am I hosed? I know that I movie has no problem importing and converting analog to DV (or at least the versions I played with last year.) Is their workaround for this? Is their program that I can get that will capture old analog stuff and convert to DV format? I have a Sony camcorder that converts the analog to play on the computer. Final Cut Express shows the video just fine in preview window, until I tell up to capture video. That's where the problems begin.


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    how are you connecting the analog footage to the computer?
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    iMovie only reads DV format. If your Sony converts analog to DV, then I would call it a DV format (is it a Digital Hi8?). Maybe it's not supported anymore. Are you using the latest iMovie? What version do you have?
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    scott_rscott_r Posts: 98member

    Originally posted by Paul

    how are you connecting the analog footage to the computer?

    Hi Paul,

    Using the same cammcorder for both. It's digital 8 and that's what I liked about it that it will read both formats. Most of my stuff is analog form 12 years ago.

    Well I just discoved while writing this that if I shut off the Matrox 5000DV Fire wire drive, the camera and iMovie are friends again. I can digitize my old clips in iMovie. Then I'm sure that the'll (the clips I just made) work in FCE (Final Cut Express). Will check in a little while. Stranget that the FV drive is custing the problem. Still very impressed with my setup so far, well at least that I can get it to do what I want now!


    I was able to open the clips made from iMovie from analog tapes in FCE. So now why is the FW drive casuing problems between iMovie and the camera???
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