bluetooth ipod + cellphone?

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someone else must have already thought of this, but as i was walking down the street yesterday with my ipod clipped on one hip and my T68i on the other, it occured to me that since my ipod has all my contacts from address book synced to it, that if it had bluetooth it could pair with my bluetooth T68i, and i could dial thru it, and place a phone call thru it. Only new hardware needed would be a microphone on the ipod earbuds. That shouldn't be too hard, just add a hanging mic a little way down one of the wires from one ear (like on the corded ear pieces everyone uses). You'd be able to receive and place calls without even removing your earbuds!

any thoughts?


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    you're probably one of those people who looks like a schizo, talking loudly to no one visible and gesturing wildly as they walk down the street interacting with someone on the phone instead of those around them.
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    snazlordsnazlord Posts: 62member

    actually, didn't even use the phone. just listened to my ipod. it did occur to me, though, what a pain it would be IF my phone rang, to pause the ipod, remove the earbuds, unclip my phone, yada yada yada, and wouldn't it just be simpler to press one button, talk on the phone, press one more button and have the ipod resume play. no fuss, no hassle.
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