No New iMacs or eMacs at MWSF - Think Secret

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"Apple will not use Macworld Expo in San Francisco as a venue to upgrade the iMac, eMac or flat-panel display families, but instead will wait to do so until late January or early February at the latest. A number of highly reliable sources have confirmed the report."

If true, it seems to bolster the introduction of a revised iPod/iPhone or or other DLD.


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    You can just see those DDs pulling off into the distant mist, black smoke obscuring the target.

    Zero in on the real story. The Apple Stores just sent a message to all of us registrants to come in and watch the webcast at their theaters. I'll be at the SoHo store on Prince Street next Tuesday at noon, either ot cheer or to lead the sacking of the place! Thay cannot be so bold as to offer nothing. Of course I said that before the MacWorld Tokyo show when they introduced the Blue Dalmation and Flower iMacs.
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    Oh I'm sorry this post belongs in temporary Insanity. How you are supposed to know that I can't quite guess. I say f*ck that forum any thing regarding MWSF belongs in Future Hardware! So there! Gosh... now I'm sure they'll lock this anyway but at least I tried.
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    Boy Macworld sucks now.

    All Apple does is try to blow smoke up our ass'.
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    Think secret has an excellent track record this close to expos, I believe them.

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    I'm moving this to Temporary Insanity since it deals with MWSF.
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