Pixies Reunion!

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Well dear me. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that is flat out giddy with the idea of a full-blown Pixies reunion. Apparently Frank Black actually worries that no one would show up to their concerts. He has obviously gone quite mad.

There are only two bands that I would ever want to reunite, one being the Pixies, the other being Pussy Galore-but I doubt that'll ever happen. Regardless, rabid Pixies fans can read the story at Pitchfork (also a great website for album reviews).



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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    Death to the Pixies!
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    to paraphrase wolfe,

    "you can never go home again, my friend."
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    gizzmonicgizzmonic Posts: 511member
    Oh my goofy God, this is great news!

    Now hopefully they'll tour and come to Texas...
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    Originally posted by superkarate monkeydeathcar

    to paraphrase wolfe,

    "you can never go home again, my friend."

    Home?...no. Nice little trip to the cottage I once frolicked as a kid?...absolutely.

    Even though I *lived through* The Pixies, I expect most concert-goers will be far younger than myself.

    Grecian Formula to the rescue!!!
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    I just shit my pants with glee.
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    Originally posted by groverat

    I just shit my pants with glee.

    No kidding. I just got back from the pub agout an hour ago...and what did I play you ask? Pixies & Ween (and 1 Johnny Cash). True Genius? all.

    The Pixies hold a bigger place in my psyche than most *modern* bands combined.

    [edit: gr: I stole your *Blob* comment as a sig....ok? ]
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,715member
    <---Steve Albini fan (I almost recorded with him. Great guy and totally cool)
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    You know? Just when you start to think all the news is bad... I'm a happy camper right now. Okay, maybe that's a little dopey but at least I don't have to go change my underwear.
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    Ooohhh! Excited...I'd love to see them play live again.

    Aside: I'd heard Albini didn't really like the Pixies that much. Apparently he referred to Surfeer Rosa (my favorite of their records and one of the best things he's produced after Slint) as bland college rock.

    Still, he's never been much of a one for popularity contests...
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    Big Old Bumpasorous!

    Pitchfork has an update! And it allows me to say the following; *CONFIRMED*

    Pixies go on tour starting in April 2004, new album to follow!!!

    Long live ROCK!

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    I remember going to a Cure show and seeing the Pixies open for them! I hadn't even known they were on the bill! Big BONUS. I've loved them since 87.

    Anyone remember the 4AD label?


    Cocteau Twins

    and the awesome label collaborations where they released semi-obscure cover tunes... damn the names of those is escaping me... i'll remember them eventually have the box set.

    GOT IT!

    This Mortal Coil... the box set is awesome... has the ones the label recorded and then has a bonus cd with the originals... great packaging too.
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    Originally posted by chu_bakka

    Anyone remember the 4AD label?

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    I saw their reunion tour a few years back... they were amazing. The show started with just a tv on a pedestal... and Peter sings the first song looking like he's stuck in the TV... wide angle lens mike right up against it... simple... dark... and very funny.
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    my band does "here comes your man" by the pixies.

    come to think of it, the song never goes over too well.

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    Do Gigantic instead. That should wake em up.
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    I know it is poor etiquette to bump a thread that is this aged but there is no reason for me to start a new thread every time there is another gleeful Pixies announcement to pass on to the good people at AI.

    So...Pixies tour dates have been announced!

    04-14 Winnipeg, Manitoba - Burton Cummings Theatre

    04-15 Regina, Saskatchewan - Doris Knight Ballroom

    04-17 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Prairieland

    04-18 Edmonton, Alberta - Red's

    04-19 Calgary, Alberta - MacEwan Hall

    04-21 Victoria, British Columbia - Victoria Curling Club

    04-22 Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore Ballroom

    04-23 Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore Ballroom

    04-24 Spokane, WA - Big Easy

    04-25 Boise, Idaho - Big Easy

    04-27 Eugene, OR - MacDonald Theatre

    04-29 Davis, CA - Freeborn Hall

    05-01 Indio, CA - Empire Polo Field (Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival)

    06-02 London, England - Brixton Academy

    06-03 London, England - Brixton Academy

    06-12 Dublin, Ireland - Phoenix Park (w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    06-15 Paris, France - Parc des Princes (w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    07-10 Kinross, Scotland - T In The Park Festival (w/ David Bowie, The Darkness)

    All I can say is, they're starting their tour in the freaking 'Peg!?! WTF!!! No stop in Toronto but luckily I'll be in Vancouver at the same time as them. Kick-Ass. I'm sure the line ups for tickets will be forming momentarily.
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    cooopcooop Posts: 390member
    I'm not a huge fan of the Pixies but a definite fan of "Where Is My Mind?"

    Great song.
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    Great band, I'll have to go see them since I always felt like I caught them on an off night as the Happy Mondays blew them off the stage when I saw them.
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    i could never understand the hype \
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