2 display setup worth it with a 20" cinema display?

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Just wondering if it is smart for me to get a 2 display set up with a 20" cinema display for a future G5 purchase.

I found a good deal on a Mitsubishi 15" lcd (analog and DVI ports $275 after rebate)and am contemplating getting it for a new G5 and use with my pismo in the meantime. I'll probably hold off and get the 20" next year (when I can more afford it) and utilize the dual screens.

Should I forget about this 15" and just go for the 20" when I order the G5?

Does dual screens matter on a 20" screen?

Thanks for your help.



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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I would go for single big screen. Less clutter
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    If you want to spoil yourself silly, MacWarehouse has the 23" for $1579, refurb. Look in their clearance section.

    I got mine there -- never used, no dead pixels. YMMV.
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