PPPoE with Airport Base Station

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I live in an apartment with broadband Internet access. I dont know about the equipment used, because in the apartment there are only 4 RJ-45 ethernet ports directly built into the wall.

However the connection is implemented with PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) and the ISP has only given a username and password and no other connection settings. I believe for the PC they actually hand out a PPPoE connection utility , but on the mac (iMac + Mac OS X 10.2.6) it isn't needed.

If I connect my iMac directly to the ethernet port (basic RJ-45 cable) and choose PPPoE from the system preferences and input my username/password, the connection works very well.

The problem is I bought a graphite Airport Base Station yesterday and cant get it to work the same way. The Airport network works (The Base Station gives out ip addresses to both machines, I can see my iBook, share files etc.) and I have configured it to use PPPoE for Internet, but when I try to 'connect' to the Internet it hangs. It hangs so badly that I cant even connect to the Base Station before restarting it. If I use 'connect automatically' then it hangs instantly when resetted.

I have tried a crossover cable between the ethernet port in the wall and the wan port of the Base Station, and this time it doesn't hang but tries to 'find PPPoE' infinitely. The main difference is that I can continue to administrate (reboot, change settings etc.) the Base Station.

Can someone tell if it matters what the private IP assigned to the Base Station is and/or if the PPPoE settings differ somehow on a Base Station from the settings I have used on the direct connection on my iMac.



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    If all else fails, you can always get a router that does PPPoE and connect it between the wall plug and the Base Station. That's what I did two years ago when the ABS didn't support PPPoE and the PPPoE utility for OS 9 was terribly cumbersome. I think you can get a Linksys router that does this for about US$50 these days.

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