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I happen to think so based on what people are saying about the Apollo being in the iMac. If the iMac and Powerbook eventually get Apollos, the G5 will be in the Powermacs. The iBook will be G3 Sahara and move to 700-800mhz?


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    imacfpimacfp Posts: 750member
    That might come to pass, but I don't expect all of it to occur next month. iMac, PowerMacs, screens, and One Final Thing.

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    You're right. I happen to think that all the talk of the Apollo G4 being ready to go doesn't foreshadow them being used in new PowerMacs, rather, used in the new iMacs instead. Likewise, I think that particular scenario quite neatly lays down the intro for a Power Mac G5.

    I think the "mystery" product may evolve as something based on the G4 processor, and may specifically require the Apollo G4 processor for mobility.
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    it could happen though i doubt it....

    here's what i think is possible:

    powermac: normal 6month upgrade

    imac: new form factor, etc.....800 mhz G3

    powerbook: 733 G4 and 667 (aren't the 733 and the 667 from the same line of processers?)

    ibook: 700 mhz G3

    these seem reasonable, but these predictions all depend on what happens with the pm and the imac......if they go up in speed, then then portables could also, though i think apple will wait till MWTY to update their portables
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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    I personaly would like the "one more thing" to be a G5 Cube running at the same speed as the low end tower but $150 cheaper. it wouldn't then compete with the iMac or the tower. Perfect for someone who wants just a little expandability and a decent price.
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    I think that we could see the new iMac with a G4 Apollo as long as the G5 is introduced in the Power Mac line. As far as the Power Book is concerned, I think it would be unusual for Apple to put the faster chip in the TiBook so soon. Although it is possible. Yes, the 667 and the 733 are based on the same line, so is the 867. I think the next speed bump would most likely be in March and it would be to 733/867 for the TiBook. As well as the graphics chip to the ATi 7500 Radeon. I would hope they would jump at MYSF, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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    Well, we know that we won't see any changes whatsoever to the PowerBook line considering that the combo drive units were just introduced. Thus, iBook will not get an update since its clock speeds can't be made more than what's in the PowerBook. iMac and PowerMac are a given, and screens make sense if the iMac is to be a 15". The cool thing about this is that the length of Jobs' keynote suggests more than updates (however radical they may be). Since the iMac is a given, I doubt it will be the "one more thing" . . . so the question is how big a surprise there will be at the end. I am personally being cautiously optimistic - rather than a new device (hell, if an MP3 player costs $400 .... lol). Let's think within the realm of possibility; something like iPhoto/Photo Studio Pro or something of the sort.

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    The imac will only get G4 if they can raise the MHz bar enough on the G4, to ship the slowest POwerMac with at least 100MHz more than the top iMac.

    The iMac meanwhile would have to stay at least on the current MHz range, ie top out at G4 733 or more, if they want to bump it a bit, say 800MHz for the top machine. That would mean PowerMacs would have to be 933, 1000 and maybe 1133 or similar.

    That is still possible with the Apollo aparently, but I doubt the yields are already high enough to pump out enough 1100-1300MHz Apollos to make a Top end PowerMac of it.

    Of course if the G5 comes into PowerMacs, things will look different. Should we really see 1200-1400-1600MHz G5s in the PowerMacs, the iMac might well go up to 1000Mhz G4.

    BUt again, speculation rarely leads to much worthful information in the computer industry.

    Only a few days to go, I can live with that.

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