Just A Wish: A Home Phone That I Can iSync...

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People are getting all jazzed/upset (depending on the cell phone they own) about iSync and the fact that from a single space (the Mac) they can now have they addresses and calendar information on their Desktop + Laptop + iPod + Palm + Cell Phone + .mac. I'm all for stuff like that but I'd be first in line for one more phone device and I'd even be willing to replace all the phone in my house with it.

A normal everyday 'HOME PHONE' that could be used with Apple iSync.

Affordable cordless phones already operate in the 2.4Ghz range so much of the 'stuff' is already in place and it would just be a matter of adding rendezvous to the mix and in some cases a tad larger LCD display (to really do things right).

Can someone make a 2.4Ghz cordless that uses its wireless stuff for TWO different connections either at the same time or 'one-or-the-other' (one being handset to basestation and the other being wifi-rendezvous)? I dunno but even if the 2.4Ghz stuff has to be one or the other it still wouldn't be too bad... Just press a button to stop handset functions and sync with address book and once the sync is done it goes back into handset mode.

Anyone else like this idea?


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