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If you haven't read the article:

C'mon, Apple. Get that PC version done.

Edit: Oh, and if some friendly mod would change "Best Buy" to "" - not quite sure how that happened.


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    from the article:


    Like the iTunes Music Store, will sell individual music tracks without collecting an up-front monthly subscription fee; even though it has yet to secure licensed music from all five major record labels, knowledgeable sources say.

    didn't that take jobs about a year? i think this is a bit premature.
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    Not enough information.

    What format will the music be in? MP3? WMA? AAC? Liquid Audio? Real Audio?

    Can you burn what you buy? Can you put it own your iPod? Does it work on a Mac?

    Meh, who cares.
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    If the DRM is any more restrictive than FairPlay, it will flop.
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    pesipesi Posts: 424member
    doomed to failure. just like everything else has ever touched.
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