a bit of a software pickle

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i'm in a pickle. i received a bunch of used software from a friend...among it was adobe photoshop 4.0 that i thought i would play with. the problem is a serial number wasn't included with it, it was just part of a pile of software. i know most of the serial number stuff that goes on on the net is illegal, but is there any way to acquire one legally? i have the original media, etc, but no stinkin' serial. i'm not asking for a serial number from anyone, but rather some course of action to get one legally. i'm probably S.O.L. though

any advice?


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Uhhh. You could
    • Buy photoshop

    • Ask your friend for the S/N

    • Copy the photoshop Preferences from his couputer to yours

    • Download an illegal S/N

    That's about it.
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