Using Motorola V60i as Wireless Modem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Today I signed up for Verizon Wireless and purchased a Motorola V60i cell phone. I also purchased a USB data cable that lets me connect the phone to my iBook. The USB data cable came with a couple of CDs that configure one's computer to use your cell phone as a wireless modem with Verizon's data network. The only catch is that the CDs are only compatible with Windows. I called tech support to see if I could manually configure my computer for use with this phone; they just gave me the "We don't officially support macs, but some people have found ways to connect. However no one here can tell you how to do it" speel.

I know that my iBook recognizes the phone; when I plug it in, the network preference pane told me that it recognized a new network port (Motorola V60c). However, when I try to dial to the phone, I get modem errors. Has anyone else had success using this (or a similar phone) as a wireless modem with their mac? If so, how do you go about configuring your computer? Any suggestions, input on this topic would be extremely appreciated and helpful...

(BTW, I'm running Mac OS 10.2.6). Thanks!!!

Update: Already found the answer to my own question. If any others are having a similar problem, go to: A great website that has loads of helpful info.
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