Complete MWCP Keynote Recap

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    OK, here's the recap:


    Jozwiak delivers opening speech at CreativePro

    By Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief

    July 16, 2003 - Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing, took the stage in New York at 9:30 AM to present what he termed as the first feature presentation of a brand new conference, Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo. Jozwiak's presentation largely served as a recap of announcements made by CEO Steve Jobs at last month's Worldwide Developers Conference, with, as anticipated, no new significant announcements.

    He began by getting the matter of his name out of the way: "It certainly was on the web that my name was a little bit funny," he said, noting that the names of Apple's co-founders, Jobs and Wozniak, form Jozwiak. He said that instead, people can simply call him "Joz."

    Jozwiak said that his feature presentation today would, in line with Macworld CreativePro's professional angle, focus on the pro aspects of Apple's products.

    Jozwiak recapped the update on the Mac OS X transition that Jobs announced last month at WWDC, announcing that there are 6,000 native Mac OS X applications. Focusing on the pro applications, however, he noted OS X product releases from Macromedia and "last, but not least," Quark, the latter of which incited laughter from the audience. Software developer PTC is announcing Pro/Concept for Mac OS X at Macworld CreativePro -- an integrated application for digital visualization, modeling, and sketching.

    Moving on to Apple's own pro applications, Jozwiak said that DVD Studio Pro 2 will be "shipping next month," in line with Apple's earlier availability announcements. Apple is also press release, Apple also announced: This offer will be available today through September 20, 2003, and new Mac buyers will have the option of purchasing Final Cut Express for $99, a $200 savings.

    Jozwiak then called Ken Bereskin, Director of Mac OS X Product Marketing, on stage to demonstrate Final Cut Pro 4's Soundtrack, and announced that as of today, Soundtrack will be available as a separate product for $299.

    Turning to "the next generation" of Mac OS X, Version 10.3 Panther, Jozwiak called Bereskin back on stage to demonstrate FontBook. The Panther presentation covered a number of items that had been announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference last month, and some features that had been covered in our Inside Panther series, as well as a few items that had not been discussed previously, or that we plan on covering in our later reports.

    Panther will ship with Quartz PDF filters, expanding the "Save as PDF" command with plug-ins that slide down to expand Mac OS X's PDF workflow. Bereskin demonstrated Panther's revamped Preview application.

    For printing, Panther will feature "Virtual" PostScript printing as well as drag-and-drop printing, keeping a printer icon in the dock.

    Jozwiak discussed a number of Panther's AppleScript features, such as the new Script Editor, which provides a single window interface for displaying a script, its description, and its results. Common AppleScript uses have been built into a pop-up window. He then showed off Folder Actions, and Panther's user interface for configuring them. Panther also boasts improved system scriptability and UI scripting.

    Panther will feature AppleScript Image Events, with the ability to scale, flip, rotate, crop, convert, and compress images automatically. Combined with Folder Actions, this can be used to create a Production folder that automatically performs actions on images that are dropped in the folder.

    Bereskin then demonstrated Exposé, and Jozwiak discussed Panther's Pixlet video format. However, no more specific ship date for Panther was revealed, maintaining the previous "before the end of the year" availability announcement.

    Jozwiak briefly discussed Panther Server, which has been publicly announced and demonstrated but was not shown off during Jobs' WWDC keynote last month. He said that Panther Server will ship alongside the client version before the end of 2003. Panther Server ill have 50 new server features, including Single Sign-on and Samba 3 support.

    Next up was hardware. Jozwiak discussed the G5, its features, and internal architecture, in what was basically a recap of Jobs' G5 presentation last month. Today will be the "first public viewing" of the G5. "Get a feel for this system because I think it's going to change the way you do your business," Jozwiak told the creative professionals in the audience.

    Jozwiak continued with G5 benchmarks, saying that the vector and math libraries in Jaguar have been optimized for the G5, and that the faster processor and the G5's memory bandwidth should offer real-world performance gains for creative pros. He made no mention of last month's SPEC benchmark controversy, recapping the same benchmarks and performance tests that Jobs showed off during WWDC, but said that the G5 was 42% faster than the Pentium IV in converting 75 RAW TIFF images in Bibble. Using the Night Flight benchmark on the unoptimized After Effects 5.5, the G5 was 39% faster. Performance tests included Photoshop and Cubase, and a technology demonstration of the G5 masking video.

    Jozwiak closed the feature presentation by saying that Apple has formed a "Pro Organization" within Apple to advocate for professional customers, and that Susan Prescott will lead the group as Apple's Vice President of Pro Markets.

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