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    Originally posted by Jeremiah Rich

    Ok. Last night it hurt the worst. My friend forgot about my back and pushed me out of my chair. (Ouch!) I could barely drive or anything, and it was like I had this huge muscle spasm in my back and around to my stomach. Anyways, that was around 9:00. We were editing a video until about 3:00AM. Around that time it started to feel quite a bit better. This morning when I woke up, it felt a bunch better. I have taken it easy all day and it is slowly getting better and better. If it is TOTALLY cleared up on Monday, I will cancel my doctor's appointment, but if not, I will go. Because of all of this, I am pretty darn sure it is muscular. Thanks for all of the suggestions and for caring and stuff.

    For starters,

    Avoid sitting for long periods of time. It is a bad deal all around..Try working standing up. If you must sit down, use a hard upright chair..Keep your back straight as possible.

    If you need to bend to pick something, squat with knees. It is the best way to protect your back from more injury.

    Most back problems are also connected to lax stomach / abdomen muscles...

    Try tightening you lower abdominal muscles ( front & sides ) as you bend..You will find it "stiffens" your back causing less pressure to be transfered to the bruised / ruptured ? spinal disc area..

    If possible, make up a bed on the floor..Unless you are extremely overweight, this will put less strain on your back than sleeping on a traditional soft mattress.

    Throw mattress on floor if you don't have one of those Japanese Futons..or alternatively..several blankets will do about the same job...try it out for at least two or three nights.

    And yes,

    I agree with Scott..don't let them cut you up..I have a good number of Doctor friends who would back that opinion....( unintentional joke )

    Hope you get a good night's sleep..

    Ps If your friend pushes you again wait till your better..then clobber him..only kidding....

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