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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I think Apple should start its own Music Store radio station - a continuous stream of staff-selected favorites, easily accessible both in the Store and the Radio window, interrupted only to mention the artist and song title. Perhaps even with a "Buy Currently Playing Song" button. The iTunes store has the advantage of having an incredibly easy way for a listener to actually get that song they just heard, immediately. This could also serve to promote songs that aren't on the best sellers list but ought to be.

Anyway, if you agree, file a suggestion on the store along the same lines.


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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    That's a good idea, but might run into problems with people recording the stream.
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    malokatamalokata Posts: 197member
    I thought of that, but then thought of what a pain it would be to do so; first, you don't know what songs are coming, and so you'd have to be always recording to get an entire song that you wanted, and second, the process of converting that captured file into a song for your library is hugely inconvenient. Currently you have to capture in .aiff, convert to wav, edit in a wave editing program, and export to mp3. Combine this with the lower quality of a streamed file, and the probability that Apple would decide to say the song title and artist while the song was still playing (at the very end, or very beginning, as is common on many commercial radio stations). I think most people would rather just pay a buck.
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