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Hi guys. I had 4 pages of pictures on my .Mac webpage.

I wanted to get rid of them and put them all on a combined page....

so I trashed the pages from the webpage and picture folder on the idisk and made my new page.

However, to my surprise, even when I trashed them, they were still there.

homepage.mac.com/stevegongrui298 seems to show my old pages that I want to get rid of.

My new page does not show up at all that way, only if you go to


I named it to index but the old pages are still there.

How do I get rid of them and have just my index page up?



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    I trashed my cache and it seems like it does bring you to the correct page but I still have the links to the other pages which are nonexistant!!!

    How do I remove the links?
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    i get a page not available notice when i go to the earlier pages. try reediting your home page and deleting them.
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    go to .mac>homepage click on the chapters you want to dump press delete
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    you got it!
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    Thank you very much!!!

    Hope you find my pics interesting!

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    Originally posted by stevegongrui

    Thank you very much!!!

    Hope you find my pics interesting!

    actually i did. lotsa babes!

    i think the picture of poor alex is classic! i think my dad gave me that book, in lieu of having "the talk" with me. but that was so long ago.....
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