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Possible problems with naming it's new music store imusic have been mentioned relating to possible ripoffs or infringement on Apple's rights.

Could another problem be that is a site owned by ArtistsDirect? Or does own that too. Can't keep track of these things.

Basically I'm hoping for the whole thing to fail and Apple to win on the PC.


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    From on iMusic:


    iMUSIC - ARTISTdirect, Inc.'s new label iMUSIC promises a new direction for the music business. iMUSIC is a radically simple and fair business model for signing, promoting and compensating artists. iMUSIC and the artist share net profits equitably; the artist retains ownership of his masters; the agreements cover only one release, and a major distributor - BMG - gets the releases into stores. To keep costs down and put more dollars into the artists' pocket, there are no six-figure videos or expensive radio campaigns. Instead, iMUSIC gets creative using traditional and non-traditional marketing avenues, especially the Internet. The artist has total control over his music, and is hands-on with how marketing dollars are spent.

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