Entry Level programming jobs using a Mac

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I used C, Pascal, Unix etc...all through my 4 years of college.

When I graduated I couldn't find a programming job to save my life. Maybe it was the 1991 Recession? Who knows?

I ended up getting into the PC Hellpdesk field and to this day I'm still there.

I am now trying to into programming. One reason is b/c I hit my limit in what I can earn working on PC's. In short, Mo' Money!!! Ha ha ha...

Another reason I want to get into programming is b/c I believe I am a Computer Scientist. In other words, I'm interested in all aspects of Computers. And I want to learn everything.

I'm tired of opening up poorly built PC's and installing cd-rom's and cards and messing around with an operating system (Windows) with so many faults. When you pull up a knowledgebase and see so many problems and fixes it gets kind of old real quick. I also want to get away from moving PC's and anything close to that. They should make a law that you should only do helpdesk for 2 years. Heh...I don't want to be doing this 5 years from now. No, make that next year!!! HA HA...

So now I have a Mac. A TiBook to be precise. And I love it so much, I'm trying to find a way to use a Mac for real work and make a more than decent living.

I want to use my Mac to program in Java and C and use Unix and all the other things that go with it.

Is there anyone out there that's doing this? I'm learning all over again so I'm assuming that I have to be looking for entry-level positions to get my feet wet.

Where can I look to find jobs like this? How can I look this up in Monster, careerbuilder and dice?

What else can I do besides reading books and doing exercises and problems?

Where are these jobs? East coast? West coast?


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    Well, you almost couldn't have picked a worse time. I graduated at the end of 2001 and have found no software work. About half the people I knew in college have found relevant work, the rest are doing something similar to you. Those that had 4.0's or internships are alright. I haven't seen anything specific to mac work, but java, C, and Unix skills are good. Try to find some entry level work, and I wish you luck. You may consider after a while to get a masters deg. and score an internship. My friend just said his company has shifted 30% of his dept.(sys admin) to India. $5 an hour is hard to beat.
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