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Ok, so here there is a company called Wide Open West (WOW!) that offers packages combining cable tv/cable internet for a monthly fee. I looked on their site ( and found that for their Advanced package it is $59.99. The advanced package offers cable tv and a cable internet connection 1.5 Mbps downstream/300 kbps upstream. I think alone without cable tv it isnt a whole lot less (maybe 10 or 15 bucks less). Now, currently at my house we have Americast cable service and it seems like its exactly the same as the WOW! service..loked up the channel listing and its exactly the we wouldnt be losing anything as far as tv is concerned. I dont know how much my parents pay for cable tv ...probably about $25/month...but this deal looks to be the best thing out there considering for those kind of speeds w/cable internet you probably wouldnt get for at least 50 a month w/out cable tv.

I looked on DSL reports in the forums and they seem to have extremely good reviews and comments about them...I did notice one topic about an it kinda scares me a little. If anyone is in the Cleveland area or has WOW! Internet and Cable can you guys comment on the speeds you get and whether it is reliable or not (always works). Also if anyone in Cleveland has a different broadband provider I would like to know which one and your speeds/how much you pay.

Oh, and I live byy E. 153 & Kinsman Rd. in the Mt Pleasant area of Cleveland in case yall need to know what part of the city I am in.


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    i don't have WOW but i've heard it's pretty good. we were going to go with it but it's not offered in our area. my wife researched this stuff about a year, she's on the dean's list at school, she's a computer programmer, so she knows her stuff.

    but if you go with it and don't like it don't give me sh_t
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