The Missing Sync for Pocket PC

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I know a few weeks ago I posted a message asking if Pocket PC's could be Synced with Macs. Well, I just read on Brighthand about this-

Anyways, I am considering purchasing it, and was wondering what people thought of the one for Sonys and such. (Or anyone who is thinking about getting this one or maybe even has) Thanks!


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    K. I ordered it today, and it works pretty nicely. I hope that they some day include the functionality for Mail and all. One thing that is a bit annoying is if I leave my iPaq plugged into the system when it boots up is that before I am even logged in, it will open up The Missing Sync... Also, I was syncing music with iTunes and it locked up iSync, The Missing Sync, and the Finder so badly that I had to restart. (Force quitting did not do anything) Either way, I am pretty glad to have it, and I hope it continues to get better, as this is only version one... If anyone has questions, shoot them my way.
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    I have been using the program for a good two hours or so now, and I figured I might as well update you guys with my "findings". Synching works great. No problems there. I was copying a file to the Pocket PC and accidentally disconnected the device. It locked up the Missing Sync and I had to restart my computer before I could use it again. Also, file copying seems to go SO slow. The actual copying process is fast, as it took like a second or two to copy a 1.2 meg file, but the space between copying takes forever. Folder browsing is also an endless chore. Overall, I am quite happy with it, but I am looking forward to improvements.
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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    I purchased/downloaded it yesterday, and with the exception of 2 quirks, it seemed to perform as expected.

    1. It failed to launch the Registration/Activation window upon my initial connection; had to reboot twice before it magically decided to recognize my IPAQ and open up.

    2. Got a bunch of sync errors until I consolidated/deleted unecessary calendars in iCal and set it to sync with the only remaining calendar (then it automatically re-created the "calendar").

    File transfers are indeed slow, but the overall product performance is very good. The plugin for IPhoto with automatic resizing (to IPAQ screen resolution) is great, as is the iTunes integration.

    I'd recommend it above other alternatives (PocketMac) unless you're tied to updating Entourage.
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