Uprising, Revolution, Military Coup, Forceful Takeover

in Feedback edited January 2014
I am posting this thread because I believe that it is unfair that I am not a moderator Jonathan. EmAn and other moderators have been on and off being a moderator and i have been waiting for my turn.

Therefore, I have decided to put this matter to vote with the members of AI.

Voting consists of this, Anybody can vote for anybody regardless of their rank or position in the forums.

Please Vote Respoinsibly and for me, nx7oe.



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    Requesting to be an administrator or moderator gets you immediately booted to the BOTTOM of the list. You are now officially #12,026 on the ordered list of possible future candidates.

    You need to stop pushing this issue. Future requests will be considered hostile acts and your account may be restricted or suspended.
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