Can't Organize Bookmarks in Safari

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The problem is that I can't seem to organize my bookmarks in Safari 1.0. While in the bookmark manager, I attempt to click, drag, and drop a bookmark from one folder to another to no avail.

How do I solve this?


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,551member
    My guess is the bookmarks file is corrupted. I'm not sure what you could do about it. If you are signed up for .Mac you could try to sync all of your bookmarks to .Mac, delete your bookmarks file in your Library/Safari folder then sync again to restore them. This might recreate the file.

    You could make a duplicate file of the bookmarks file and then open it in a text editor and see if it looks odd. My wife had a problem with saving Japanese bookmarks in Safari. We did this and found an area that looked garbled. In that case there were not so many bookmarks collected so she just started over with an empty file.

    I just tried this myself using Tex-Edit Plus. First make a copy of the bookmarks file. Control click on the copy, choose "Open With" and select your editor. If it looks readable but unformatted try converting all of the Line Feeds to Carriage Returns. It should have a neat structure with lots of indenting and formatting.
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    Restarted the computer and it works fine. Thanks!
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