How many of you are NASCAR fans?

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Just wondering how many Mac heads are gear heads as well...


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    To me, watching NASCAR on TV is like watching baseball. I can have it on while I'm doing other stuff, and when something interesting happens I'll turn to watch. If I get so bored that I want to just sit and watch it, that's doable too.

    You won't see me out at the track, though.
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    wouldn't call myself a gearhead, but given the choice of watching football or nascar, i'll always watch nascar, i almost never watch football anymore.

    the thing is nascar is sooo good on tv. cameras everywhere, enough good ol' boys doing color so you get a taste of how it used to be. but it's also become very techie. in fact the drivers who are winning the most now are the most tech savvy.

    but the biggest thing is the danger, last week at joliet a car totally burst into flames the driver struggled to get out meanwhile another car is stalled on the track facing the opposite way as cars come at him going 180mph.

    very compelling stuff.
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