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I'm replacing the zif in my beige g3. At this time i don't have any thermal compound. If i take the sink off and put it on the new zif, will the heat pad still function correctly? or do i need to wait to get thermal compound? thanks


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    No it won't.

    Go to a local computer store (a PC store is ideal) and pick up a CPU thermal pad... about $3.00.

    Or you could get thermal grease... Artic Silver 3 about $12.00. But this is a pain to apply and will not hold up over time.

    So if you are swapping the zif with another G3, go with the thermal pad. If you are upgrading to a G4 consider the thermal grease.

    Whatever you do... do not reapply the heatsink without a new form of thermal compound!!!

    The G3 does not run too warm but it is always good to be safe. The G4 gets hot but a good HSF (heatsink/fan) will do the trick.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Meh, Artic Silver 3 or "Ceramique" will hold up fine for as long as ost people keep their computers. Most thermal compounds should be fine. Sometimes they dry out over time, but that really only affects the ease of application.

    At least for P4s, thermal compound works a lot better than any thermal pad on the integrated heatspreader.

    You can buy thermal grease at any CompUSA or Best Buy in my area. Also try Radio Shack.
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    OK, thanks, guess i can't install this until I get some compound. Oh well
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