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Cool open source game. I am excited about this but as with most open source it has no interface or Readme. How the HELL do do anything with this game? I figured out a few keys and the mouse controls it. Apparently instead of a Preferences menu you have to edit some ASCII files in Data in ctrlsets to modify controls. Does anyone here play Racer, and do you have or could you help me make a ctrlset for my Macally iShock II controller? Once I get my controller working this game it's all good, I'll download tracks and cars and I'll be stoked. Any help is appreciated and if you want to race let me know.


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    I haven't tried it in a while, though. Racer is still just at 0.5.0, right? I never tried it with a controller, though.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Thanks for pointing that out. You guys surely don't use a mouse or keyboard for this game though!? The horror...The horror. The fscking Windoze version comes with an app called "Config." I think what I'll do is download the PC version and see if it has a file for the iShock. OR a controller similar to it. I don't want to dick around I just want to play! This games looks soopa, the cars here look sooooo cool: http://www.racer-xtreme.com/cars.php?ck=4
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Anyone here play Racer? It looks real nice. But this is why I hate open source sometimes. Where the hell is the documentation and configuration and preferences? I don't have 50 hours of my life to figure out Racer. To make things worse he's closing the source after .5 even. Looks like Racer is deadware.
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    alpha macalpha mac Posts: 463member
    i play, there is a MB for it at Race sim central
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